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It's not like "choir" (OMG, it's not like choir). It's just friends sitting together and warbling away.

True confessions, sometimes the whole crowd winds up giggling 'cause we've lost our way.

If you've been told you can't sing, or shouldn't sing, you need to come and unleash that secret singer in you - I really, really enjoy unleashing my secret inner Diva as much as I enjoy the truly nice people I meet there.  

Big thank you to Pitch (im)Perfect Singers for providing a venue for people like me who can't carry a tune - or can - but just want the enjoyment of making a joyful noise.  


I would like to express my gratitude to you for starting this innovative outlet for the singer in all of us. I think I am speaking for all of your regulars when I say that I anticipate getting together with the whole group and singing like no one is watching. There is no judgement, no need to be in tune or to know all the words.  In fact on some occasions I am amazed to discover a well known song doesn't have the lyrics I've been singing for years.  With each passing gathering I feel the bond with the group growing and I look forward to seeing the friendly faces of the people I chose to sing with twice a month.  It is so much fun to check out the upcoming song list and see how many of the choices I know and can look forward to belting out with the group.  Thank you.  

Keep up the amazing work.


An enjoyable, welcoming space for singers of all ability level!

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