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Who We Are

Pitch (im)Perfect Singers is a family-run and novel concept.  It is not a traditional choir - there are no soprano, alto, tenor, or bass sections.  Instead, after vocal warm-ups, we sing a wide range of popular songs in unison to backing tracks, to maximize participation and inclusivity.  Songs and themes change from week to week. We sing ABBA to Adele, Dean Martin to Frank Sinatra, Motown, the Beatles to the Carpenters, big bands to boy bands, pop, country, rock and soul.

Pitch (im)Perfect Singers is a family initiative. 
Our family blends different nationalities and traditions, but shares a love of music and singing, imparted to us by parents who were either self-taught musicians or who just loved to sing.

That love has been passed on to each new generation; music has permeated our homes and has been the thread that often brings us together.

Not all in our family are trained musicians, but one instrument we all have in common is our voice.  We all love to sing, but not all of us are good at it.  We discovered that when we sing together, we all sound good and have a great time doing it!  This motivated us to create Pitch (im)Perfect Singers so we could share this with others.

Think you can't sing,

but love singing?  

Pitch (im)Perfect Singers

is for you!

We believe that you don't have to sing in tune to make beautiful music together.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a safe and fun atmosphere where everyone, regardless of their ability, can experience the intellectual, emotional, and physical benefits of singing, along with the social rewards of singing in a group.

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