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You can bring a digital copy of the lyrics, or print your own.
You'll find the lyrics in the Upcoming Session section of our website.

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No auditions, no performances, no pressure -
just drop in and sing with us!

Please bring a copy of the lyrics and a water bottle with you.

Attendance fee: $10 (cash only)

Articles & Resources

Imperfect Chorus Strikes a Chord
June 20, 2016
Meet "Pitch (im)Perfect Singers"
Singing Changes Your Brain


August 16, 2013


Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins

Choirs offer fast 'ice-breaker effect' to foster social bonds

December 24, 2015


'It's just a great feeling to sing with others,' says one Toronto chorister

Can Singing in a Choir Boost Health?


April 5, 2016


Researchers say just one hour of choral singing can boost levels of immune proteins, reduce stress and improve mood.

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