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DON'T FORGET: there's a $10 fee per session. If it's your first time attending, please download, print, and fill out a registration form! The registration form can be found in our "Forms" section (only available on the website if you're accessing it from a computer)

Check out our calendar below for the next set of sessions!

Due to COVID-19, we have no upcoming sessions... but lots of hope that we'll be able to update this section soon.

Hoping you are healthy and safe, and keeping a song in your heart until we meet again.

A holiday message: December 2021

The holiday season approaches and with it comes particularly cherished memories

of our warm gatherings and the community we created in song.

We simply wanted to let you know that we miss you always, but most of all at this time of the year.

We sincerely hope that you and those who matter to you are all doing well, and that we will soon be able to meet again.

'Til we meet again, we wish you peace, blessings, and safe and very happy holidays.

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