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The Pitch (im)Perfect Team

Yusuf Osman: Co-Founder

     Yusuf comes from a family of accomplished musicians. His father, a self-taught musician, played the saxophone in a Big Band in his home town of Durban, South Africa.  Interestingly, his Aunt was a renowned singer and was known as the “Nightingale of Durban”. Yusuf’s musical experiences were in playing the piano and, more recently, the djembe. However, though his singing abilities can be described as questionable at best, he loves to sing.  

     After significant medical challenges, along with his wife’s keen understanding of the issues of healthy aging, served to motivate Yusuf and his family to embark on the adventure that is Pitch (im)Perfect Singers. Not possessing the skills required for a formal choir, and unable to find anything that fit the bill, Pitch (im)Perfect Singers was born.

      Yusuf has worked as a Financial Advisor in Ottawa for over 30 years and is an avid golfer. With the experience gleaned from helping many people plan for retirement, he has a keen understanding of the need to add elements to his life that allow for social interaction, creativity and fun – aspects that can all be found in Pitch (im)Perfect Singers (and golf).

Lori Della Malva: Co-Ordinator

     Lori Della Malva hails from Italy, and carries a passion for music instilled by her country and her parents. Her father was a self-taught musician who sang and played guitar in an amateur band in Ottawa in the 60’s and 70’s. Music was ever-present in the Della Malva household, and social gatherings often included singing Italian favorites with friends. Although lacking formal training, Lori loves to sing and passed on this musical tradition to her three children, all of whom are talented musicians in their own right.

      Lori has worked in the health-care field in Ottawa for over 25 years. Geriatrics and optimal aging are her passion, as is Pitch (im)Perfect Singers, since the initiative embodies the aspects of social, creative, and intellectual engagement she firmly believes are essential to both physical and brain health, and to emotional well-being.

Leila Osman: Musical Director,
                             Web Manager

     Throughout her life, Leila has always been involved in music.  She plays the violin, and was a member of the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy for eight years, spending two years in the Ottawa Youth Orchestra.  She was also a member of the OYOA girls’ choir for one year.

      Leila left Ottawa to do an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Glendon College, York University, where she became a member of the Glendon Musical Ensemble.  Here, she played violin and piano, and sang in the choir, both in the group and as a soloist (she even played the triangle once!).  She was a member of the executive team of the Ensemble, and worked with the publicity team doing public relations for the group.

      After receiving her undergraduate degree, Leila returned to Ottawa.  She joined the Parkdale United Church Orchestra as principal second violinist for three seasons, and sat on the board of directors in the role of publicity co-ordinator for two seasons.

      Leila sees music as her one of her sincerest form of self-care, and is thrilled to be a part of Pitch (im)Perfect Singers.

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